Writer, Reporter, PR

Epril Yuan - Theatre and cosplay

Writing, traveling, photography, acting, music, modelling, crafts.

I'm currently in my second year of studying Theatrical and performing arts. Things like sociology, art history, cultural linguistics and philosophy have always caught my interest. I would like to specialise on Theatre History after attaining my main degree. During my spare time I write many stories and poems. I'm a collector of all kinds of artsy things, I play djembe, cello, and I love to sing and write my own songs. Making costumes is a big hobby of mine as well.
During my short life I have been through many hardships. Because of this, I have been confronted with lots of stereotyping and discrimination against 'the insane', and I have seen how hard it is for people to come to understand what's going on in my mind. Through the booklets by CrackBrained Comics, I'm trying to remove some of those prejudices and offer people a glimpse inside of my brain; the brain that belongs to an artistic girl with dissociative and attention deficit issues.


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