crack·brained [ˈkrækˌbreɪnd]


So senseless or unreasonable as to seem insane; crazy.


We are CrackBrained, a Dutch doujinshi circle focusing on themes related to Psychiatry. We were founded in May of 2011 and we have released our first booklet in Februari of 2012.

Through our stories, we hope to offer our readers a glimpse into the mind and world of an 'insane' person and, ultimately, to achieve a sense of understanding and acceptance of the mentally ill people amongst us. We also try our best to educate our readers about mental illnesses. There are still a lot of misconceptions about mental disorders, and the people suffering from them are still very much stigmatized. By incorporating scientific research and real-life experiences into our booklets, we try to show to our readers the true face of a disorder.

We are not all serious business, though. We will of course try our best to entertain our readers and offer them high-quality art and stories. We are also planning on releasing entertaining booklets, in which we can express ourselves without any restrictions.

Because the world of a mentally ill person can be very dark, scary or extreme, our booklets may include mature themes and are certainly not suited for everyone. We will not show meaningless gore or vulgarity, but we will not censor our work, either.

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